Day 2: morning report

We got up extra early for prayers before the scheduled 6am blockade, only to find cars already entering the base.  That’s what happens when you let them know you’re coming.

As we approached the gate to the bridge at about 5:50am, 4 mounted police stepped out of the darkness and followed us in close formation up the street, seeming to close us in.  One of our liaison team negotiated with police to move them aside and warn us if the horses would move again.

We sat on the road and sang to maintain our spirits in the frigid darkness and glare of police headlights.  One police officer suggested a song we could sing: “Do you know ‘Hosanna’?”

“Could you sing a few bars?”

The first car to arrive was a big US-style SUV.  It drove directly at as and didn’t stop until it was almost upon us, seated on the road.  As each new car approached, we were instructed by police to clear the road and some of us were physically removed, some arrested briefly and released.

Ultimately, after about 90 minutes, 4 of our number were arrested and taken away in a police van, tweeting as they went:

“Friends, resist war with everything you have. Love overcomes fear. Be blessed peacemakers.”

The 2 men and 2 women arrested came to the Convergence from Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.  They have refused bail and are expected to face Geelong Magistrates’ Court this afternoon.

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  1. Davey
    Posted 05/07/2011 at 2:26 pm | Permalink

    Thanks Olivia for this post…more to come soon…..been a big day today! The crew refused bail and were heard at about 3pm, and they all found guilty, with conviction recorded, but no penalty. Great day with all filling lots of different roles