Court support for Swan Island Peace Convergence Arrestees

Ellen, Leesl & Julie outside court after their appearance in November 2010

Ellen, Leesl & Julie outside court after their appearance in November 2010 for blocking entry to Swan Island the previous June with 6 others

“One of the most inspiring things I’ve seen in years!”

“I never thought I’d get involved, but after seeing that I can’t help myself!”

“Outstanding.  A real triumph!”

No, these are not film reviews, but statements by those who have been to court to support nonviolent activists on previous occasions.

Here’s your chance to support 3 anti-war activists and help build a robust anti-war movement in Australia.

From 4-8 July a group of activists staged daily blockades of the Swan Island military base to nonviolently resist its involvement in the war in Afghanistan (see  Eight people were arrested for acts of nonviolent civil disobedience; most refused bail and had their charges dealt with immediately.  The remaining three will come before the courts on Wednesday 27 July.

With over 60% of Australians opposed to our involvement in the war in Afghanistan, there’s no shortage of anti-war sentiment in Australia, but anti-war action is rare.  Solidarity is needed for resistance to grow.

  • Olivia faces charges of obstructing a road and hindering police.
  • Jessica faces charges of obstructing a road, hindering police and trespass.
  • Simon faces a trespass charge.

Join us as we show the courts what love that can overcome fear looks like.

Date:    Wednesday 27 July
Time:    9:30am – 12:30pm (approx. — hope we’ll be finished much sooner)
Location:    Geelong Magistrates’ Court
Railway Terrace, Geelong

The Court is directly opposite Geelong train station — a cinch if you want to catch a train from Melbourne, but the timetable’s not great:

Depart Southern Cross 7:37am — arrive Geelong 8:37am
Depart Southern Cross 9am — arrive Geelong 9:56am

Return timetable here:

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Simon, Jess and Olivia