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Court report from today

Another chilly morning in Geelong today, with 30 people coming along to join the 3 defendants in court.  We had some pre-court reflections in the park opposite the court, sharing reflections of the Peace Convergence, and some inspiring words from heroes of the movement (Jesus scored a mention or 2).  We then processed to court with some standing […]

Simon Moyle + friend’s videos of last week

Footage of the action:

Clip of Friday’s action

Thanks Curis @ Greenbrainfilms

Finding old friends

As for many people, my teenage years were framed with a handful of special friends with whom I journeyed through a turbulent adolescence. Over the years I’ve lost touch with most of these friends and wonder how they’re doing. Facebook is giving me updates on their lives, but not a chance to reconnect. Today I […]

Clip of action 7 July 2011

footage by Curtis Moyes greenbrainfilms clip at: