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The original plan for last Friday :)

The image that captures the week


Final day’s arrests

Media Release 8 July 2011 – for immediate release Peace week culminates in arrests and meditations Swan Island Peace Convergence – Queenscliff A week of protest at the top-secret military base of Swan island has ended with a blockade lit with 400 candles representing deaths in Afghanistan and more arrests as protesters breached police lines. […]

Final morning’s vigil and the bridge action


Protestors scale the bridge

Media Release 8 July 2011 – for immediate release 6:45am Peace week culminates in candle vigil & tense stand-off with police Swan Island Peace Convergence – Queenscliff A week of protests at the top-secret military base on Swan Island is currently at a tense, pre-dawn stand-off as protesters breach police lines. Meanwhile, the quiet Queenscliff street […]

Khristo’s photos of today – 7th July

Awesome Afghanistan article on ABC’s Drum website today

Afghanistan: Australia’s code of Silence by Kellie Tranter is a brilliant article on today’s Drum about the complete lack of progress in Afghanistan and the Australian government’s silence on the real issues. Very timely indeed given our actions down here . . .

Third day of protests, third day of arrests – Media Release

Peace activists have been arrested on the third consecutive day of the blockade of the Swan Island military base. A small but determined group of protesters was met by a large police presence, and two were arrested as the group attempted to keep the base closed. The convergence has been continuing all week as a […]

Court Hearing – Tuesday 5 July 2011

The Magistrate asked, does anyone have anything they wish to share? Below is a summary of what Simon, Carole, Sharon and Jarrod shared.   Simon Thanks for your time… My name is Simon, I’m a Baptist Minister in Coburg, I work at Urban Seed – where we work with people who are homeless, I also […]

Checkers on the slammer floor

Carole Powell and I kept ourselves amused as we waited for hours in the cells to be heard by the magistrate – by playing checkers on the thoughtfully designed checked tiles on the floor. Our checker markers were the unused sugar packets and strawberry jam and Vegemite packets that came with the rather more-than-we-expected hot […]