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Casualty rate 6 times higher than Australian govt admits

The 28 Australians who have been killed in the war in Afghanistan represent a small fraction of the massive trauma caused to Australian soldiers by the decade-old war in Afghanistan.  While the Defence Department admits 180 Australian soldiers have been injured or wounded, figures leaked from Veterans’ Affairs reveal the real figure to be in […]

Court report from today

Another chilly morning in Geelong today, with 30 people coming along to join the 3 defendants in court.  We had some pre-court reflections in the park opposite the court, sharing reflections of the Peace Convergence, and some inspiring words from heroes of the movement (Jesus scored a mention or 2).  We then processed to court with some standing […]

Court support for Swan Island Peace Convergence Arrestees

“One of the most inspiring things I’ve seen in years!” “I never thought I’d get involved, but after seeing that I can’t help myself!” “Outstanding.  A real triumph!” No, these are not film reviews, but statements by those who have been to court to support nonviolent activists on previous occasions. Here’s your chance to support […]

Third day of protests, third day of arrests – Media Release

Peace activists have been arrested on the third consecutive day of the blockade of the Swan Island military base. A small but determined group of protesters was met by a large police presence, and two were arrested as the group attempted to keep the base closed. The convergence has been continuing all week as a […]

More arrests today at Swan Island protest

  Early this morning two further activists were arrested and many others were dragged off the road as the Swan Island Peace Convergence continued into its third day. Davey Hellier (38, Bushland Management worker from Belgrave) and Paul Ellis, (26, teacher from Warragul) elected to refuse bail and were later fined $400 each at Geelong […]

Checkers on the slammer floor

Carole Powell and I kept ourselves amused as we waited for hours in the cells to be heard by the magistrate – by playing checkers on the thoughtfully designed checked tiles on the floor. Our checker markers were the unused sugar packets and strawberry jam and Vegemite packets that came with the rather more-than-we-expected hot […]

Lead story in the Geelong Advertiser

This morning’s events are the lead story on the Geelong Addy website today: ‘Swan Island Afghanistan War protests to continue‘, including a 2-min: video interview with Melbourne Baptist reverend Simon Moyle, 34.

Day 2: morning report

We got up extra early for prayers before the scheduled 6am blockade, only to find cars already entering the base.  That’s what happens when you let them know you’re coming. As we approached the gate to the bridge at about 5:50am, 4 mounted police stepped out of the darkness and followed us in close formation […]

Anti-war activists arrested during peaceful blockade at Swan Island Military facility

Anti-war activists have geared up their protest by blocking access to the secretive Swan Island military base near Queenscliff at 6am today (Tuesday 5 July 2011). Two protesters have already been arrested this morning as about 40 local and visiting activists converged in the small town in protest against Australia’s continuing participation in the US-led […]

A quick reflection of today …

Swan Island Peace Convergence Day 1: Claiming space I would have called today the warm up – but it’s freezing down here and the wind is blowing a gale! Today is Independence Day in the US, so our theme was ‘Independence from the US Day’.  Our call was for Australia to be gutsy enough to […]