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The original plan for last Friday :)

Clip of Friday’s action

Thanks Curis @ Greenbrainfilms

Clip of action 7 July 2011

footage by Curtis Moyes greenbrainfilms clip at:

Khristo’s photos of today – 7th July

Awesome Afghanistan article on ABC’s Drum website today

Afghanistan: Australia’s code of Silence by Kellie Tranter is a brilliant article on today’s Drum about the complete lack of progress in Afghanistan and the Australian government’s silence on the real issues. Very timely indeed given our actions down here . . .

Court Hearing – Tuesday 5 July 2011

The Magistrate asked, does anyone have anything they wish to share? Below is a summary of what Simon, Carole, Sharon and Jarrod shared.   Simon Thanks for your time… My name is Simon, I’m a Baptist Minister in Coburg, I work at Urban Seed – where we work with people who are homeless, I also […]

More pics of today

Wonderful day with lots of fun and smiles amidst the gale-force winds and sobriety of of pondering of the war.  More detailed blog posts and more pics to come.  Thanks so much to Peter Tarasiuk ( for his great work on the photos.   children blowing bubbles at the gate to Swan Island

Media Alert, 4th of July

10 am at Flinders Street Station, “Independence from the US day” As a start to a week of anti-war activities, peace activists will today (July 4 2011) hold a Statue of Liberty die-in on the steps at Flinders Street Station in Melbourne. The action will feature a living “Lady Liberty” surrounded by dozens of activists […]

Our thanks to Beryl Philips

We have received with humble gratitude a generous donation to the Convergence from the Victorian branch of Pax Christi, the international peace movement which has worked for over 60 years “in the fields of demilitarisation and security, human rights, ecology, development, economic justice and reconciliation.” The contribution is made in memory of the late Beryl […]

Courage: the forgotten virtue

Our ‘call from arms’ for the Swan Island Peace Convergence is “Be brave — resist the war!”  Courage is something Melbourne writer Maria Turmarkin has given a lot of thought and she this to say about it: “I believe that courage (from Latin cor meaning heart) is the forgotten virtue in Australian public life.  Without […]