How to get there

The Peace Convergence will centre on 3 main sites in Queenscliff, a beautiful beach-side town at the heads of Port Phillip Bay:

  1. Map showing Queenscliff, Rabbit Island and Swan IslandThe Salt House, rented accommodation at 8 Wharf St, Queenscliff.  Meals, films, meetings and training will be held here, plus you can book a bed for as many nights as you wish to stay.
  2. Bridge Street, Queenscliff.  This short, residential street leads from Wharf Street to the sea, where it becomes a bridge to Rabbit Island and thence to the larger Swan Island.
  3. Hesse Street.  This is the main street of Queenscliff.  Each lunchtime, we will hold an information table, cake stall and ‘listening post’ to engage with the Queenscliff community and winter holiday-makers.


Public transport

Here’s the train timetable to get from Melbourne to Geelong.  It’s about an hour by train.

A private bus company called McHarry’s runs a bus service between Geelong station and Queenscliff.



If you’re planning to drive to the Convergence and have spare seats in your car, please let us know where you live, when you plan to go and return, and how many extra people you can take.

Alternately, if you’d like a lift with someone else, please let us know and we will try to organise something.