Swan Island Peace Convergence 2015

Swan Island Peace Convergence 2015

Bring all the troops home. End the U.S. Alliance

SIPC goes to Pine Gap

DATES : 26th September – 2nd October 2016 (Alice Springs)

For 6 years, peace activists have gathered at the Swan Island Military Base in Queenscliff Victoria, to nonviolently resist the SAS’s involvement in dirty wars and build a community of peace and resistance.

And in September of 2015, the Swan Island Peace mob decided that this year we would partner with a coalition of like minded people and groups who will be heading up to Pine Gap, Alice Springs.

This will mark the 50th anniversary of the US military base in Pine Gap and we will be joining with together in the call to close Pine Gap.

For those wondering what they can expect, our community will be contributing to this event in much the same way we do in Queenscliff.  You can expect :

  • Kids Activities
  • Nonviolence and Civil Disobedience Workshops
  • Organising an action to disrupt the activities of the military base

So book in now to join yet another Peace Convergence where we deepen our commitment and capacity to resist the militarism that is doing such damage and heartache about our world.


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There are many ways to support the peace – here is a start :

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