Swan Island Peace Convergence 2013

Swan Island Peace Convergence 2013

Bring all the troops home. End the U.S. Alliance

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SIPC14: September 28-October 3. Book your place now!

For the fifth year in a row, peace activists are returning to the Swan Island Military Base in Queenscliff Victoria, for a week of nonviolently resisting the SAS’s involvement in dirty wars. Swan Island Military base is a key training facility for the SAS who continue to fight and kill in Afghanistan, and other countries in Australia’s name. The SAS are a key plank in our contribution to U.S. imperialism through the ANZUS alliance. Swan Island is also a key facility for ASIS, Australia’s overseas intelligence body.

Many of us feel powerless in the face of unjust wars, but this is our chance to get alongside our brothers and sisters affected by the SAS, and learn how we can help and raise our voices.

The week running from Sunday 28th September to Friday 3rd October 2014 will include:

  • Nonviolence training
  • Creative direct action to blockade the bridge to Swan Island military base where SAS troops are trained for active combat in Afghanistan and Africa.
  • Engagement with the Queenscliff community
  • Peace vigils
  • Workshops on the Afghan War and Australia’s role in it, Australia’s role in the U.S. alliance and the rising military tensions in the Asia Pacific between the U.S. and China.

Whose dirty wars are the SAS fighting?

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