Swan Island Peace Convergence 2015

Swan Island Peace Convergence 2015

Bring all the troops home. End the U.S. Alliance

Day 4 – update

Some of our group stayed overnight at the gates of Swan Island, and before dawn this morning the rest of us joined them – reforming our human blockade.

At 6:30 am, protestors allowed access to four golf course labourers in a spirit of goodwill and recognition of the importance of local business. Swan Island shares its military base with a golf course.

Shortly after, four cars seeking access to the military base were turned away after activists were not able to be kept off the road by police.  No other cars sought access to the military base on Swan Island.

At 10.30am the group held a vigil for Bradley Manning and Julian Assange, and then planted a grapevine and figtree to seek to embody the prophesy in the Book of Micah in the Hebrew Scriptures, where people will study war no more.

After lunch at the blockade, we walked through Queenscliff singing our peace songs.  We met many supportive locals, many musing that they remember marching against the Vietnam War many years ago.  We also met some people who seemed less excited by our presence…

Videos of our peace walk



More to photos and videos to come soon…stay posted