Swan Island Peace Convergence 2015

Swan Island Peace Convergence 2015

Bring all the troops home. End the U.S. Alliance

2010 – 2013

The highly secretive Swan Island Military base has been targeted for the last three years by peace activists protesting Australia’s role in the war in Afghanistan.


Swan Island Peace Convergence 2013

In September 2013, peace activists converged again at Swan Island for five days, in the hope to blockade the military base. On the 25th of September 17 peace activists managed to walk onto Swan Island and plant a vine and fig tree. 15 of the activist were arrested on Swan Island.




Swan Island Peace Convergence 2012

In September 2012, peace activists converged at Swan Island for five days, with the aim to blockade the military base. The nonviolent blockade was a success as the police were unable to remove all protesters from the gate. The police made no arrests and told all the workers to turn around. The base was closed!

http://www.youtube.com/user/swanislandpeace– Video clips from Swan Island 2012!!


swan island 2012



Swan Island Peace Convergence 2011

In July 2011, peace activists returned to Swan Island for a five day action with the aim of blockading the base throughout the week. The peaceful picket resulted in 10 arrests throughout the week. All those arrested this time were found guilty and fines received ranged between $200 and $650. (Court report here). It was a week of empowering actions that inspired the planned return to the base in September 2012.


Swan Island ‘incursion’ 2010

On 31 March 2010, four Australian peace activists known as the Bonhoeffer Peace Collective swam across the fast-moving strip of water separating Queenscliff from Swan Island and entered the unlocked Swan Island Training Area.  Two stood in front of the main gate, while the other two walked into the facility.  The later two pressed ’emergency stop’ buttons of a power grid and a 7-metre satellite before they were discovered and arrested.  See footage below.


In June 2010 all charges against the Bonhoeffer Four were dismissed by a Geelong Magistrate (Read Jessica’s reflections here). That same day, a further 9 activists were arrested blockading the bridge to the island (pictured right). Their charges were also dismissed by a Geelong Magistrates as they “acted in good consciousness”.

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